A Superchips ECU remap will transform your driving experience – but don’t just take our word for it . . .

Yep, we know what you might think. But we didn't make these up. Promise :)

Hi Peter! The car is a beast !!!! For a few seconds I thought I was driving my Evo VIII I had before this car!

Thanx heaps the extra power is unbelievable, very happy with it will recommend you guys!! Cheers YAY

Audi TT - Turbo Petrol

What a difference!!! Very happy!!

Huge improvements in the top end, wheel spins in second gear now… it’s a new car, now the turbo is actually seriously boosting!! I will be recommending you to everyone. Everything worked very smoothly, I’m very impressed by the product and would be happy to be a reference to anyone.

Ford Fiesta ST

Thanks for your help. Received Bluefin yesterday and installed it in the evening. Easier to install than I had envisaged. Wow, what a difference! Virtually no turbo lag anymore. The power delivery is now linear across the rev range and the engine feels more eager!

Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost

I recently purchased my new focus, although stock it had reasonable performance, like most blokes "I wanted more". After some research I opted for the Superchips Bluefin, the 2 main reasons, performance and price. Since the remap which was easier to install than using itunes, I haven't stopped smiling. I use every excuse in the book to find a reason to go out for a drive :-).

Although not a girl racer, it never fails to put a smile on the Mrs her face.

Ford Focus ST250 MK3

You ‘Chipped’ my Fiat Ducato Motorhome nearly 2 years ago and until now I have resisted sending you a testimonial but my vehicle’s performance still amazes me, people think I have a 3 litre under the bonnet but no, a 2.3 litre and a Black Pearl trailer is usually with us too. The economy is incredible and going over the Lindis Pass in 4th gear with a 4.5t vehicle is a joy. One of the best investments I have made, a ‘no brainer.

Rory, Fiat Ducato Motorhome

I received my Bluefin device this morning. Configured it, installed it and took the RS for a spin…far out...it flys...so much more torque and it pulls like a train. The remap has transformed the car, it feels much smoother compared to the stock tune. Im glad superchips have bypassed the ecu enabling for the RS. Cant wait to take it for a blast in the country this Sunday during our car cruise.

Thanks so much for your assistance and advice. Much appreciated. I will definitely recommend the Bluefin to my car mates...

Ford Focus RS

I installed the bluefin around a month ago. It’s awesome. Renault do a pretty good job from the factory, but you guys have managed to make it even better. The car now pulls like a train all the way to redline, the performance is potent. What surprised me the most was the extra low down torque, it has made the car even more drivable around town. I just got home from a long trip and averaged 7.7L 100k, not bad for petrol 2L with over 200kw/400mn. Mate I appreciate the service, there was a lot of late emails sent and you always replied very quickly considering the time difference.

Many Thanks.

Renault Megane Bluefin

YEP, I want to experience Superchips too!